June 15, 2021

How To Craft Offers That’s Irresistible To Joint Venture Partners

One of the most respected marketers of our time, Frank Kern once said, “you cannot out market a bad offer”.

It couldn’t be farther from the truth. That’s why our topic for today is all about how to craft your offers so that they’re irresistible to not only your potential customers but also to your potential joint venture partners.

I remember when I got started in the online space. I had been podcasting for over a year and making money by promoting other people’s products but something kept nudging inside of me to offer something. I got good at podcasting so naturally, I thought let me create an offer about podcasting. And while it did make sense at that time, I didn’t realize, there’s more to it than just whipping out something just because other people are doing it. Huge lesson #1, never create an offer because other people are doing it!

So, after going through courses after courses and hiring a mentor to guide me on how to craft winning offers, and having tested to first to my own offers and to my clients, it all boils down to the following.

It’s called the Triple Win. By the way, I didn’t invent those words. I first heard it from Tom Matzen of Strategic Alliances. You should definitely check him out.

The triple win-mariegraceberg

The triple win is this:

  • Win for you
  • Win for your customers
  • Win for you JV partners 

Now, one of the reason I love this is because it adds the component of the third win which is all about your joint venture partners.

Our topic here is all about using joint venture partners to sell out your courses and programs so naturally, we need to add them to the equation, but more on this later..

Let’s start with the first- your offer must be a win for you.

Now why did I start with this one rather than the customer?

Call it egotistical but if you don’t feel like this offer is a win for you, why bother creating it, right?

Here’s my formula for a winning offer for me: 

One: it must be something I’m so good at I can talk about it all day.

Two: it must be something that not just pays for my bills but also the lifestyle I truly want.

Three: it must be something that creates transformation for people big or small because at the end of the day, what matters most is knowing you made a difference in someone else’s life.

Let’s talk about the second one: A win for your customers.

This is easy. Everyone tells you about this so I won’t bombard you with things you already know. But I will share with you what this means to me and how I’ve translated it so it works for my clients. I think if you apply this, you can’t go wrong.

Here’s the formula:

Your offer should take your clients from where they are to where that what to be.

The bridge to get to where they want to be is your solution- aka, your offer.

That’s it. Simple as that.

The third win is: A win for your JV partners

This concept might be new to you. But this is where majority of the people reaching out to their potential jv partners get it wrong.

Don’t make the same mistake I made when I got started with Joint Ventures.

This is what I did back then. Make a list of the big names in my industry. Find their contact info. Send a general email asking them to promote me without a clear benefit of what’s in it for them. If they don’t reply right away, send another email, private message them in FB and on their social media platforms. Do you know what you call this- spamming! Yes, I was spamming people. No wonder, I got zero replies. Zero JV partners!

Here’s what works for me and my clients. Feel free to swipe, customize and share it so we can start changing the mentally of people about joint venture partners. (It has gotten a bad rap, partly for some people who unintentionally do this the “spamming way”- like what I did early on! But I’ve done my fair share of re-building that trust so I ask you to help spread the word so we can turn those mistrust to amazing love for collaborations and joint ventures.

On to the formula:

One: Build a goodwill and genuine relationship to your potential joint venture partner first. Quickest way- ask to offer a free training about your expertise to their audience without pitching.

Two: Make sure promoting you is not an opportunity cost for them.

Three: Always offer to reciprocate in anyway you can, be it a cross promotion to your list, offering your services, etc. 

Alright, was this helpful to you? Does your offer have the components of a triple win offer?

Want me to work with you on crafting your winning offers? Book a free strategy call with me here: Book a call with me here >>>


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