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Tamara Monosoff


I've never seen someone who've put in the time and effort into creating something truly amazing than what Marie Grace Berg has done with her recent JV Success Summit. She truly raised the bar. There's nothing like it out there.

Here’s What You Get For A FULL 6-MONTHS of One-On-One Laser Coaching With Me...

Unlimited 20min laser coaching calls with me that you can use anytime, anywhere!


PHASE 1: Pre-Summit
How to produce a well-planned/well-executed summit

Almost 95% of what you need to do, have and be happens in this phase. Your goal is to make sure everything is done in advance so that you can relax knowing that things are in place. During this phase, we plan, we strategize, we create your summit timeline that will guide you on which task needs to get done by whom and when. You will be guided by our summit producer checklist which outlines each of the task you need to have in order to launch a wildly successful summit, with ease and fun! PLUS, here we will plan and execute your marketing and monetization strategies. Yes, it starts here on phase 1!


PHASE 2: Summit Live
How to deliver your virtual summit with ease and fun

Most of the things you need to be doing as a summit producer and host are done during PHASE 1, if you planned and executed them well. During this pase, your main focus would just be making sure everything works and being delivered seamlessly. Your main focus here would be to engage your attendees and most of all, communicating and making sure your affiliates and your other marketing strategues are doing their job of promoting the event. Remember, marketing is the lifeblood of your summit. Without it, no attendees. No attendees, no MONEY. No money, no IMPACT!


PHASE 3: Immediately Post Summit
How to double your profits with my secret strategy

The real secret to making money with your summit is not really your front-end offer which is the All Access Pass. The secret isin your back-end offer. Here, immeidately after your summit, we will orchestrate a well-planned back-end promotion to your already warm leads from the summit and are now ready to take the next steps. This is where the real money is!


PHASE 4: Evergreen Summit
How to continue making profits 24/7 after the summit

Turning your summit evergreen unlocks the power of having a funnel that notonly continues to build your list, but makses you money 24/7. In this pahse, we will be turning your summit in to an evergreen funnel complete with a backend offer so you continue to make money long after the summit is finish.


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Special Access To Our Vault Which Contains Fill-In-The-Blanks Templates, Swipes, Samples and Tools You Need To Launch Your Summit With Effortless Ease.


Get A Copy Of Our Summit Producer Tasks Checklist!

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